Renewable energy is the future of energy that has been a long time coming. With the current global yearly CO2 emission exceeding 43 billion tonnes. It has become a necessity to slow down, with the eventual aim of halting – the rapidly rising global temperatures. Humanity need to stabilize concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. A problem which Renewable Energy provides adept solution to. Renewable Energy For All, REFA is helping to solve this challenge, which is of the most pressing issues in the world today.

REFA’s mission is to provide means to enable everyone to make a change towards a
sustainable Renewable energy future – through the numerous flexible available energy purchasing options to assist better energy decisions. To do this, REFA is building the next-generation renewable energy Pay-As-You-Go module products (Solar/Wind Generator System) for easy

procurement/purchase of renewable energy and products to all nations and

also a trading e-commerce platform to assist other energy companies distribute

their energy products globally.

REFA was founded in 2020 by acknowledged energy entrepreneurs and

technologists and REFA facilitates the global shift to renewable energy by introducing new
solar/Wind generator through Pay-As-You-Go Service module and decentralizing the energy procurement process.

REFA e-commerce platform will connect peer to peer and business to
business — organizations seeking to procure renewable products (buyers)
directly with owners of renewable energy products (Product Owners) and provide the different parties with standardized tools and contracts to facilitate the transactions using REFA Token as Escrow. Energy Buyers are able to

reduce their Renewable Energy costs to below-market rates at any given time

with full transparency and ease. Producers are therefore able to contract the renewable energy of their products to a wider range of buyers, making it easier for their projects to

secure financing and buyers are able to access renewable products at very low costs.
Since renewable energy has grown to be the cheapest source of energy and contracting renewable energy via the REFA platform is faster, less
expensive and more convenient than the current centralized distribution, it will
result in a faster global transition to renewable energy. Moreover, REFA core
technology is flexible and can adapt to the needs of various markets with
different approaches to energy procurement.

REFA as a project connects Renewable Energy, Block Chain and the people
towards unending growth and development in each of these fields which are
core necessities in developing a better future for humanity. Choosing REFA
means supporting eco friendly sustainability because REFA takes renewable
energy direct to the consumers and also brings together energy producers and
consumers with common interests — to exponentially cut energy costs and to
create a decentralized, smart and green future..

The renewable energy market is innovating and developing very rapidly, due to increasing green energy demands and greater awareness of climate changes. Looking at the present state of global energy markets, there are obvious challenges of centralized conventional power stations which often require high
costs of energy transmission over very long distances which the existing
renewable energy model with its technological infrastructure will not be able
to cope with the increasing renewable energy demand that is expected to
increase by over 200% by 2050. Analysis of this data brings up the necessity
of a model shift to decentralized energy production and distribution facilitated
by renewable energy.

There have already been some movement towards renewable and sustainable distributed energy systems in recent years.. Let’s look at the African case study. Africa as a continent is traditionally reliant on hydro Electricity due to the abundance of great dams, but recently, the continent has been switching to solar renewable energy as its primary source of renewable electricity source,
bolstering energy security and supporting rapid economic growth in a
sustainable manner. According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), converting solar energy from Africa’s natural
abundant supply of sunlight offers a rapid, cost effective way to provide
utility-scale Renewable Electricity for the grid and modern energy services to

the approximately 600million Africans with inadequate supply of current
electricity supply. the report goes further to show that installed costs for power
generated by utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Africa have
decreased as much as 61% since the year 2012 to as low as USD 1.30 per watt
in Africa, compared to the global average of USD 1.80 per watt. IRENA
estimates that with the enabling atmosphere and policies, Africa could be

home to more than 70 gigawatts of solar PV capacity by 2030.
These and many more are the inspirations driving REFA towards the goal of distributing decentralized renewable energy to every home, eliminating dark nights in our global community and saving our planet from fossil fuels
emissions – also to accelerate the global transition to a low-carbon future using
decentralized and digital technologies.
Utility-scale wind and solar are now the cheapest sources of renewable energy in most regions of the globe. Renewable generation will comprise an estimated 50–80% of overall capacity in the coming decades, largely replacing

thermal generation assets. This alone represents the most dramatic shift in the

Grid electricity sector since the advent of Renewable Energies with numerous other exponential growth to follow. REFA is driving the future, carpe diem!

REFA TOKEN For Easy Energy Transaction Using BlockChain Technology To Distribute Energy From Producers To Consumers