October 2020: Idea Born by Energy Entrepreneurs and Technologist

June 2021: REFA Token Launched into the Binance Smart Chain

June 2021: REFA Website

June 2021: Private Investors

July 2021: Public ICO

August 2021: Add Liquidity to Pancake-swap, Bakery-Swap and Sushi-Swap

September 2021: Listing on Gate.io

September 2021: Company Full Registration

October 2021: Listing on Hotbit and Bitmart

November 2021: Listing on different Top Exchanges

February 2022: Developing our P2P and B2B E-Commerce Renewable Energy Platform (REFA Token Payment)

May 2022: REFA mobile app

August 2022: Integrating Pay-As-You-Go hardware on Renewable Products sold on REFA Ecommerce (REFA Token Payment)

November 2022: First Batch Continental Supply of Products to Users.

March 2023: Establishing Product Service Centers across continental locations

August 2023: Second Batch Continental Supply of Products to Users

January 2024: Development of Skilled and Unskilled Labor to Assist Local Production and Distributions

July 2024: Third Batch Continental Supply of Products to Users

July 2025: Establishing Production Centers in Continental Locations to help mass production for easier product supplies.

March 2026: Building EVs Recharge Station Across Continental Locations

REFA TOKEN For Easy Energy Transaction Using BlockChain Technology To Distribute Energy From Producers To Consumers