Latest REFACOIN Announcement
We thank our esteemed members for standing strong with us.
REFA ENERGY now has stronger management Team members.

The new management of REFA have invested much time and money to make sure REFA continue soaring higher by bringing new important updates to
1. New REFA Website
2. New REFA Contract address with 27.000.000 Total Supply
3. Holders of old Tokens can swap to new $REFACOIN on a date to be announced soon.
4. Those Participated in Previous Airdrops will receive new $REFACOIN based on selection Process.
5. Our Presale is now listed on DxSale
6. 70% of the presale Liquidity will be locked on PancakeSwap for a Period of 1Year.
7. 30% Liquidity for continuing Marketing, Promotions and Listing on Exchanges.
8. 10.080.000 $REFACOIN to be sold on PRESALE only.
9. 6.000.000 to be locked on PancakeSwap after presale
10. 6.000.000 to be used for listing on some exchanges.
11. Automatic Liquidity Generating Protocol 1% automatically redistributed to holders and 1% added to Liquidity Pools
12. Updated Roadmap/ White Paper:
Other updates coming soon. Stay Tuned.

REFA TOKEN For Easy Energy Transaction Using BlockChain Technology To Distribute Energy From Producers To Consumers