Latest REFACOIN Announcement
We thank our esteemed members for standing strong with us.
REFA ENERGY now has stronger management Team members.

The new management of REFA have invested much time and money to make sure REFA continue soaring higher by bringing new important updates to
1. New REFA Website
2. New REFA Contract address with 27.000.000 Total Supply
3. Holders of old Tokens can swap to new $REFACOIN on a date to be announced soon.
4. Those Participated in Previous Airdrops will receive new $REFACOIN based on selection Process.
5. Our Presale is now listed on DxSale
6. 70% of the presale Liquidity…

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We have been verified and listed on ICO Holder website.
Kindly login there to leave nice comments, like ,follow and screenshot to @refatoken and receive 50 REFA instantly

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🥷🔥 REFAEnergy Airdrop
💵 Airdrop Bonus: 100 REFA ($100)
💶 Referral Bonus: 20 REFA ($20)
📰 End Date: 20th July
🏦 Distribution Date: 25th - 30th July

🌐 Website :

🔗 Contact Address of token : 0xD5DF53381c7A71beFE70cd0f0b1508032Ec176Bc

🪅 Presale :

💰 ICO:


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▶️ Submit Your Bep20 Wallet Address channel Group

▶️ Done
▶️ Website:


REFATOKEN as a global innovative renewable energy token is giving out 5%(5,000,000) of our total supply. Fill the form to enable verification to be amongst token winners. ie 1,000 REFA token per participant x 5,000 participants.

Please complete the task below:

  1. Follow Twitter:
  2. Quote tweet our pinned tweet, tag 3 friends with hashtag #REFAENERGY #AIRDROP #BSC #RENEWABLEENERGY
  3. Join telegram channel:
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  7. Refer someone to buy our Token @ ICO Level @ $0.035 per token @ Presale $0.025 on

Renewable energy is the future of energy that has been a long time coming. With the current global yearly CO2 emission exceeding 43 billion tonnes. It has become a necessity to slow down, with the eventual aim of halting – the rapidly rising global temperatures. Humanity need to stabilize concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. A problem which Renewable Energy provides adept solution to. Renewable Energy For All, REFA is helping to solve this challenge, which is of the most pressing issues in the world today.

REFA’s mission is to provide means to enable everyone to…

October 2020: Idea Born by Energy Entrepreneurs and Technologist

June 2021: REFA Token Launched into the Binance Smart Chain

June 2021: REFA Website

June 2021: Private Investors

July 2021: Public ICO

August 2021: Add Liquidity to Pancake-swap, Bakery-Swap and Sushi-Swap

September 2021: Listing on

September 2021: Company Full Registration

October 2021: Listing on Hotbit and Bitmart

November 2021: Listing on different Top Exchanges

February 2022: Developing our P2P and B2B E-Commerce Renewable Energy Platform (REFA Token Payment)

May 2022: REFA mobile app

August 2022: Integrating Pay-As-You-Go hardware on Renewable Products sold on REFA Ecommerce (REFA Token Payment)

November 2022…

REFA’s mission is to enable everyone to make a change towards a sustainable Renewable energy future through their energy purchasing decisions. To do this, REFA is building the next-generation renewable energy Pay-As-You-Go module products (Solar/Wind Generator System) for easy procurement/Purchase of renewable energy and products to All Nations and also a trading e-commerce platform to help other Energy companies distribute their energy products to all countries.


REFA TOKEN For Easy Energy Transaction Using BlockChain Technology To Distribute Energy From Producers To Consumers

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